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Terms and Conditions

1. Sales : 


1.1) All sales are final.  There will be no exchange. 

For defective items' replacement and/or repair, please refer to Limited Warranty Coverage.


2. Payment Method :


2.1) Bank Transfer


a) We accept wire transfer payment to our bank. Details are available during checkout. Customers should always put order number as payment reference to avoid any delays in payment confirmation.


b) Customers are responsible for any bank remittance service charges on sender and receiver. We will only credit the exact amount received in our bank. We will only process your order if the received amount is equal or more than the order value. Positive outstanding balance will be used as credit for future orders.


c) We offer multi-currency bank account and Australia bank account for direct deposit. 




2.2) PayPal


a) Orders will only be processed for verified PayPal customers only.


b) Customer has to pay a total of 5.8% surcharge with PayPal payment, including the 3.3% for cross border charge and 2.5% PayPal exchange rate.



3. Prices :


3.1) Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 




3.2) Prices listed exclude shipping and handling fee.  You may email us for all shipping quotes.




3.3) All prices are only confirmed upon Sales Order issued. Please specify requirements on the version and color of the goods, otherwise goods are shipped on a random basis.



4. Products :


4.1) All our products are original and brand new.




4.2) If no special instruction has been mentioned in your customer order form, we will ship whatever stock packaging we have on hand. For example :  For lenses, either the packages of white or colour boxes




5. Shipping Policy / Insurance / Import Duty :


5.1) Our liability ends once the courier service takes custody of the item. 


This simply means our liability on each shipment ceases at the point of drop off or hand over to the courier service.  If the item is lost from this point afterwards, we will not take any responsibility unless shipping insurance has been purchased.




5.2) Shipment does not come with any standard insurance. 


Shipping insurance option is available for buyers; please contact us regarding shipping insurance quotation for your goods. 




5.3) All customers will be responsible for any import duties and equivalent arise from the sales transaction.



6. Optional Warranty :


Every single item of our good is seal packed and the physical condition is examined by our Quality Control (QC) team,  therefore we will not accept return or refund based on the claim that item is scratched, used or has blind spot. 




6A) Limited Warranty Terms


6A.1) Our limited warranty terms only cover DEAD ON ARRIVIAL (DOA) products with no further exceptions.  Damage caused by abnormal use or conditions, misuse, abuse, accident, improper handling or storage are strictly excluded in our limited warranty services.




6A.2) Customers must report the (IMEI / UPC / Serial Number) of the product to us within 48 hours upon the good delivered.  We reserve the right to decide whether to repair, replace or refund baeed on the DOA situation. 


Our warranty services do not apply to any product that has had its serial number altered, defaced or removed.




6A.3) Any defect occurring after the expiration of the warranty period (48 hours after package delivered) is not accepted.  Returning shipping fee is responsible by the customers.




6A.4) When a return is authorized, we will advise you to ship via an insured carrier and obtain a tracking number for our reference.  As DGS is not responsible for damages or loss incurred during shipping, we advise you to securely pack the product in a box using bubbles wrap. 


Please return the entire DOA product with all the accessories.  Missing items may not be accepted for replacement or refund.




6A.5) Before you return your items, you must contact us and send us a Return Merchandise Authorization form (RMA).  Any returns sent without an RMA form will not be accepted by us. 




6A.6) Item(s) must be returned and received by us within 7 days after we accept your RMA form.




6A.7) Special Notes regarding Mobile Phones and Tablet PCs LCD


Due to the complexity of liquid crystal displays on handheld devices, dead or bright pixels may sometimes occur. If the following occurs within DOA period (48hrs), then you can ask to replace the LCD for 5 or more dead/bright pixels anywhere on the liquid crystal display.


7. Product Compatibility/Specification/Color Choices : 


7.1) Customers are responsible for ensuring the product compatibility (network dependent features and firmware related issue) with their network operator / service provider.


ie. MMS / GPRS / WAP / SMS / Data Transfer.




7.2) Customer should be aware that network dependent features and firmware issues are not covered by our limited warranty coverage.  Please refer to our limited warranty coverage section for details. 




7.3) Customer should also be aware that the item you are purchasing might not be manufactured intended for your country or region.  Therefore, the language specification on the device and user guide might or might not fully support the language of your desire. 




7.4) Language version, firmware version and color are shipped on a random basis unless prior arrangement is made by customer. Customers should put down all their requests on their Purchase Orders (P.O.).  Once goods are shipped, no exchange will be granted on language version, firmware version and color choices.




7.5) English is the default languages that will be provided with our products. We do not guarantee your requested language version, firmware version and color will be available at the quoted price. However, we will notify you of the availability and prices of your requested version or color before shipment.



8. Our Liability :


8.1)  DGS does not provide any warranty on our products. 


Most products do not carry manufacturer's warranty, if products do carry a manufacturer's warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly. 




8.2)  Any recall on product by manufacturer will not be handled through DGS. 


Customers should contact the manufacturer directly for any related questions or inquiries. 




8.3) DGS do not have any obligations in providing any technical support on the purchased product. Please contact the manufacturer or your service provider directly for technical and product assistance.




8.4) In the unlikely event that DGS ships wrong or extra item/s to the end consumers, DGS reserve the rights to contact the end consumers directly and professionally, in order to recover the goods and/or prevent any likely loss, unless the issues have been resolved amicably by DGS Customer within 2 working days. In return, DGS will not identify itself and its role in the transaction, knowingly or unknowingly, and will never compromise on consumer privacy issues.



The above terms and conditions are subjected to change without any prior notice.