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DGS Group Service Ltd


Wholesales Services

To retailers, resellers, wholesalers and distributors, we offer very competitive price on the extensive range of camera and photographic products because of our big purchase power and strong network of suppliers.

Drop-shipping Services

To online resellers and eBay resellers, we offer drop shipping services so that you can just focus on selling the extensive range of products that we have and secure the orders and payment from your customers, then we’ll do the rest to ship the products to your customers as if it was shipped by you.  You don’t even need to carry stock and enjoy the low purchase cost.


How Dropshipping Works?


You just focus to sell, let DGS do the fulfilment for your orders, and you keep the profit.

  1. You register free at (DGS - Dropshipping Global Services Limited) to access to the range of cameras and photographic products that we carried;

  2. You choose products from DGS that you think will sell;

  3. You decide your own pricing and list the products for sale in your online shop, on eBay, or even in your local newspaper - anywhere you can sell to interested buyers;

  4. When you get an order, you collect payment from your buyer first, and then order the product through your registered account on with shipping
    details eg, dropship directly to your customer.  There is no minimum order quantity;

  5. DGS delivers the products directly to your customer as if it was deliver by you without mentioning anything about DGS;

  6. Your buyer receives the goods "from you" and you don’t need to pick, pack and ship the product or carry any stock.


What does a reseller need to get started?

-          You can sell our products on eBay, online store or retail store

-          Or sell to your friends or communities through facebook


What services do DGS provide?

-          Datafeed with all our product model, product code, decription, weight and image

-          Latest stock update

-          Product is shipped to your customer directly with your company name

-          Direct contact with customer service by Email or MSN

-          Multi-currency payment

-          Weekly price list

-          No subscription fee

-          Stock ready in our own warehouse

-          Worldwide delivery

-          Local Bank Account (specific country only)

-          Approval power cable for all the shipments