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Kenko 1T 32mm One-Touch CPL/UV Filter

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Kenko 1T 32mm One-Touch CPL/UV Filter


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The Kenko 1T 32mm One-Touch CPL/UV Filter is a great solution to enjoy the benefits of full scale photography even with a compact camera such as for S120, RX100, RX100II, WX350, etc. Since it utilizes a magnet, it is easy to attach through a mounting ring. High transmission PL film is used so a natural light is reproduced even as polarization is being carried out. Since this C-PL filter is also equipped with the capability to absorb UV light, it can be used as a UV/C-PL filter.


- Easy to atache, Easy to remove

- Very handy filter for Compact and Mirror less Camera

- Possibel to attach lens without filter screw

- Capability to absorb UV light


Kenko 1T 32mm One-Touch CPL/UV Filter