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Green.L 72mm UV Filter

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Green.L 72mm UV Filter


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The Green.L 72mm UV Filter, also known as a haze filter, is not only an excellent universal filter for visually improving photographs with all film types, but it can always stay on the lens for protection from dust, fingerprints, moisture, etc. and for use under extreme conditions It absorbs the short wave portion of the spectrum so under hazy conditions a clearer reproduction of the scene is possible. The loss of sharpness caused by UV rays and the bluish tones common in infinity scenes are eliminated with the colorless UV filter. An exposure correction is not required. 


- Ultra Violet Lens Filter absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes photographs hazy and indistinct.

- Absorption of ultraviolet rays without an increase in exposure provides a clearer image.

- Multi-purpose, fine-weather filter for color as well as black and white films.

- Protects your camera lens from dust, moisture, scratches and fingerprints.

- Fits SLR camera / digital camera / camcorder DV with a 72mm diameter lens.


Green.L 72mm UV Filter