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About our company

DGS (DGS Group Ltd.) is a dropship supplier which specializes in Photographic equipment such as digital cameras and lenses, as well as Tablet and Smart Phone products. DGS turnovers more than 80 million USD in 2012 and help online and multi-channel retailers to:
  • Increase your sales/profit
  • Complete your product range
  • Better your customers’ experience (they’d always find the item they need)
  • Eliminate or reduce your cash-flow constraint (No MOQ)

DGS (DGS Group Ltd.) is a well-established Hong Kong based company that offers speedy and reliable drop shipping and wholesale services worldwide.  Our range of products include photographic equipment (digital cameras), tablets and smart phones.

•       To online resellers and eBay resellers: we offer drop shipping services so that you can solely focus on selling an extensive range of products that we offer. After confirming orders and payment from your customers, we will ship products to your customers as if it was shipped by you. Not only do you not need to carry any stock, you are able to enjoy low purchase cost and shipping cost from us.

•       To retailers, resellers, wholesalers and distributors: we offer very competitive price on an extensive range of camera and photographic products, tablets and mobile phones because of our massive bargaining power and extensive network of suppliers worldwide.

By investing in a state of the art 20,000 sq. foot warehouse in Hong Kong , we have 2,000+ products in stock. With the application of a world-class secure e-commerce platform linked real-time to our reputable and reliable logistic partners, DGS is pleased to offer:

•       Excellent sourcing in cameras and photographic products(all major brands with wide range of products)

•       Competitive price updated daily

•       Fast delivery (all in-stock items will be dispatched within 24 hours after receiving payment )

•       No MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

•       Traceable shipment with tracking number (either we ship it to you or drop ship to your customers directly on your behalf)

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We look forward to having you as one of our satisfied customers. If you have any questions, please email to and we will respond within 24 hours.